2627282930 June 2024
Qingdao International Expo Center, Qingdao, China.


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27th Qingdao International Machine Tool Exhibition 2024

27th Qingdao International Machine Tool Exhibition 2024 is scheduled to be held from 26- 30 June 2024 at Qingdao International Expo Center, Qingdao, China.! This exhibition gathers international high-quality machine tool brand exhibitors, carrying the latest products, intelligent cutting processing, flexible production lines and 3C/ auto parts/molds/medical industry processing application solutions.

Qingdao International Machine Tool Exhibition as a professional machine tool exhibition certified by the Global Exhibition Association - Jinnoc Machine tool Exhibition flagship exhibition, in-depth focus on China, Japan and South Korea intelligent manufacturing frontier, fully show the industry prospects and the overall innovation ability to improve, so far successfully held 26 sessions, tens of thousands of exhibitors and millions of industry users to create a set of supply and demand matching, technical exchange in one of the business platform.

The 2024 Qingdao Machine Tool Show is rich in supporting activities, and will hold the CJK 7th China-Japan-South Korea Intelligent Manufacturing Conference, the Digitalization Implementation Summit of the machining industry, the Jinnuo Buyers Conference, the Jinnuo Beer Festival and other supply and demand business activities. 20+ parallel forums, 100+ industry special guests, with a global perspective, based in Qingdao, for the Asia-Pacific, focusing on the development and application of high-end CNC machine tool intelligent technology, Industry 4.0 and smart factory solutions, new energy vehicles, construction machinery and rail transit key parts and other fields of intelligent manufacturing cutting-edge technology!.

11 Exhibition halls
125000㎡ Exhibition area
5500+ Booths
150000 Visitors
5000+ Sets of equipment
1000+ Innovative achievements on display

Exhibitor Profile

Metal cutting/Numerical control machine toolCNC machining center, milling machine, lathe, boring machine, sawing machine, slotting machine, broaching machine and planer; Gear machining machines, drilling and tapping machines; Grinding machine, polishing, honing, grinding and super finishing machine, tool processing grinder, etc.; Other high precision machine tools
Laser sheet metal/Metal formingCNC turret punching machine, shearing machine, bending machine, laser processing (cutting, welding, engraving and marking) machine tools, high-speed precision punching machine, press, forging equipment and forgings and peripheral machinery, etc.
Industrial Automation/Robotics/Intelligent ManufacturingIndustry 4.0 Smart factory, digital factory, digital production, intelligent equipment, flexible manufacturing units and manufacturing systems, industrial robots and digital equipment, digital management systems, system integration, Internet +, 5G applications, Internet of Things, industrial testing, 3D printing
Electric and laser processing and other special processing machine tools Edm forming machine tools, EDM cutting machine tools, ultrasonic processing machine tools, laser processing and other special processing equipment
Tool accessories/Features Metal mold, plastic mold, other special mold; Mold standard parts, mold equipment and accessories, mold steel; Cutting tools, measuring tools, abrasives, hardware tools, cutting power tools, pneumatic tools; Chuck, workbench, suction cup, center, protective cover and other machine tool accessories, mechanical parts, etc
Check and measure equipment Non-destructive testing technology and equipment, physical testing and material testing machines, analytical instruments and laboratory equipment, measurement and testing technology, etc
Design, manufacture, management and service software, information consulting services, etc Design, manufacture, management and service software, information consulting services, etc