040506 July 2024
India Expo Centre, Greater Noida,
U.P, India

Welcome to Gas India Expo 2024

International Exhibition on Natural Gas, LNG, Hydrogen and Industrial Gases Production - Processing - Refining - Refueling, Gas Technologies, Gas Equipment and Allied Industries.

Gas India Expo 2024 will be held on 04th to 06th July 2024 at India Expo Centre, Greater Noida, U.P, India. Gas India Expo (GIE) is a platform for display latest innovative technologies, Products and services from across the global gas and allied industry and an opportunity for the gas community to come together, partnerships, business development, network and meet key buyers and sellers, share the knowledge and define the future of natural gas industry at one place.GIE aims to provide exhibitors with a high-quality international trading platform where they can expand business, conduct technology exchange, display new products and find cooperative partners.

  • Gases Refining, Refuelling

    Precision refining and seamless refuelling solutions, optimizing the utilization of refined gases across various applications.

  • Gas Equipment's

    Cutting-edge gas equipment designed for efficiency, safety, and versatility across industrial, commercial, and energy applications.

  • Gas Pipelines and Materials

    Explore the latest advancements in gas pipelines and materials, ensuring reliable and efficient transportation of gases across diverse industries

  • Gas Technologies

    Uncover the forefront of Gas Technologies, driving innovation and efficiency across various industrial applications.

  • CNG and LNG Filling Station Equipment’s

    Discover advanced equipment for CNG and LNG filling stations, ensuring efficient and sustainable fueling solutions.

  • Gases Production, Processing

    Streamlining the production and processing of gases to ensure a reliable and high-quality supply for diverse industrial applications.


  • Gas Producers (Industrial, Natural,
  • Water Vapour & all type of Gases)
  • Gas Equipment
  • Gas Technologies
  • Gas Carrier Ship-building
  • Gas Meters
  • Gas Storage
  • Gas Transportation
  • Gas Compressors
  • Gas Turbines
  • Gas Detection
  • Gas Analysers
  • Gas Cutting Equipment
  • Gas Extraction Technologies
  • Gas Handling Equipment
  • Gas Applications
  • Gas Pipelines and Materials
  • Gas Measuring and Testing
  • Gas Transportation Packaging Materials
  • Gas Field Land Equipment and Technology
  • Gas Auxiliary Equipment and Materials
  • CNG and LNG Filling Station Equipment
  • Industrial Gases Equipment, System and Technology
  • Latest Energy Saving Gases and Equipment
  • Cryogenic Temperature Heat Exchange Equipment
  • NGV and LNG Ship
  • CNG Station Technology
  • CNG Station Builders
  • Small Scale LNG
  • LNG Engineering
  • Instrumentation & Automation
  • Regasification Terminals
  • Pipeline Manufacturing
  • Control & Safety Valves
  • Coating & Insulation
  • Membrane Technologies
  • Digitalization, IT & Innovation
  • Safety Equipment
  • Cylinder Testing Equipment
  • Medical Gas Equipment
  • Cryogenic Liquid Pumps
  • Global Utility Companies
  • Engineering Contractors
  • Ship Builders
  • Distributors and Service Providers
  • Government Institutions
  • Trade Associations & Media
  • Gas Companies
  • Gas Equipment Manufacturers
  • Drilling Companies
  • EPC Companies
  • Process Industry
  • Pipe & Fitting
  • Manufacturers
  • Pump & Valve
  • Shipbuilding & Marine Solutions
  • Automation
  • Energy Technology | Renewable
  • Energy & Environmental Technologies
  • Forging
  • Machine Tools
  • Compressors
  • Bio Fuels Manufacturers and More
  • LP Gas LP Gas Equipment LPG Services and other Accessories for LPG/NG/SNG