151617 April 2024
Bombay Exhibition Centre, NSE Complex, Goregaon East, Mumbai, India.

Welcome to 4th FAB ( FABRICS, ACCESSORIES, AND BEYOND ) Show 2024

The FAB Show, launched in 2024, has swiftly emerged as the premier event for showcasing the entire supply chain to garment manufacturers. With over 200+ Exhibitors from various regions, alongside top accessories manufacturers, fabric, machinery suppliers, washing units, real estate developers, and software developers, the FAB Show provides an unparalleled platform for businesses in the industry.

Attendance at the FAB Show exceeds 10,000, comprising brands, manufacturers, retailers, and exporters. For manufacturers of fabrics, accessories, or trims, seeking access to the extensive manufacturing and brand memberships of the Clothing Manufacturers Association of India (CMAI), there is no better opportunity than exhibiting at the FAB Show.

Primary members of CMAI enjoy complimentary entry to the FAB Show, while non-members may be required to pay an entry fee. This arrangement ensures that participants benefit from networking opportunities, exposure to potential clients, and access to the latest developments in the industry.

Join us at 4th FAB {FABRICS, ACCESSORIES, AND BEYOND} Show 2024 which will be held on 15th to 17th April 2024 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, NSE Complex, Goregaon East, Mumbai - 400063, India.


  • Manufacturers & Traders of Textile    
  • Fashion & Functional Fabrics     
  • Fibres   
  • Yarns    
  • Handlooms Khadi   
  • Manufacturing Accessories    
  • Trims    
  • Laces & Embroidery     
  • Textile Park        
  • Washing & Laundry      
  • Digital Textile Printing      
  • Bar Code Scanners & Labels     
  • Software & Apparel Tech    
  • Garment Furniture & Fixtures   
  • Apparel Machinery    
  • Logistics & Packaging    
  • Multiple Value-Adding Supply Chains






  • Garment Manufacturers   
  • Exporters   
  • Retailers  
  • Corporate    
  • Private Labels    
  • E-Commerce   
  • Agent / Distributors    
  • Wholesalers   
  • Overseas Buyers and Others