Welcome to Expo Paint & Coatings 2024

Expo Paint & Coatings 2024 is a comprehensive Paint & Coatings exhibition that provides a platform for the needs of every facade of the coating industry, right from raw materials, formulation, application, technology, finishing, quality assurance, to recycling and disposal. The Exhibition will feature a wide range of products, raw materials, application systems, machines, tools, current trends, development & innovations shaping future of the coating industry.

Expo Paint & Coatings 2024 will bring together leading local and international manufacturers, formulators, buyers, industry professionals, consultants, enthusiasts and prospective entrants from the Paint & Coatings, surface finishing & allied industries, presenting unrivaled opportunities to network, exchange best practices, do business, unveil new products, and source cutting-edge products, technologies and solutions.

Join us at Expo Paint & Coatings 2024 will be held on 27th to 29th June 2024 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India.

Exhibitor Profile

    Expo Paint & Coatings 2024
    Manufacturers & Distributors of raw materials, Pigments, Additives, Solvents, Binders, Fillers, Dyes, Polymers, Monomers, Synthetic-Natural-Emulsion Resins, Tackifiers, Bulk & Speciality Chemicals, Intermediates, Extenders, Strainers, Pigments Dispersion & Machine Colorants, loads, Waxes, Oil, Varnishes.
    Machines & Equipment - Manufacturers, Importers and Dealers of Capital Equipment, Machines, Automation,Conveying and Handling systems, Disperses, Agitators, Kneaders, Co lour matching tools, Mixers, Dispensing Machines,Te inter machines, Production Tank reactors, Resin Plant, Screens-Sieves & Filters, Cleaning& Pre-treatment Systems,Ionizing, Drying and Curing plants, Sintering Systems, Paint Stripping Systems ,Compressors & CA systems , Automaton Systems- Conveyors- Hoisters -Robots, Packaging & filling machines lining, printing, marking, coding, labeling machines,hangers, pumps, Measuring & weighing devices
    Analytical Instruments for thickness, color & gloss. Complimentary, Visual recognition systems, Testing & Measuring Instruments, QC and lab testing equipment, In Production & Process.

    Liquid paints and Powder enamels, Decorate Paints, Mfrs. of Water Based, Solvent Based, Solid, UV, Coil coating, Industrial Coatings – protective, An corrosion, Waterproofing, retardation, Wood, Marine, Glass, textile, Packaging, Specialty Coatings, Auto refinishes, Industrial Finishes, Mfrs. of Pre-treatment and corrosion prevention chemicals, Drying and hardening agents, Paint removing chemicals, Putty & Thinners.
    Manufacturers of Application Systems, Machinery, Equipment & Tools for painting / Enamelling, painting Brush Making Machines, Dip - Flow Coating- Drum Type & Coil Coating Painting Systems,Spray systems for painting/ enamelling, Spray guns-Airless-Compressed air-Electrostatic-HVLP-Tribo-Corona, Atomisers, Cyclones, Doses, Injectors Paint Booths - Liquid paints & Powder coating, Reciprocates, Thermal Coating Systems, Automated Conveyor systems. Surface preparation & Surface Finishing Equipment, tools, Technologies, Abrasion,Debarring,Sand & Shot Blasting Mechanical & Chemical finishing technologies and systems – Ultrasonic,Electroplate, Vacuum plating,metabolising,Plasma systems,Buffing & Polishing.
    Sustainable / Green coating materials, Nanotechnology Emission Treatment, effluent treatment. Water & Air recycling and disposal , Heat recovery , Container washing Equipment, occupational Safety. software, Consulting, Certification, R&D, Services, Training, Technical literature.

Visitor Profile

  • Aerospace
  • Architectural
  • Automotive
  • Chemical & Pharma
  • General Engineering
  • Infrastructure & Construction
  • Metal Working
  • Oil & Gas Paint & Coating
  • Printing & Packaging
  • Power & Thermal
  • Railways
  • Research & Environment Tech
  • Shipbuilding & Marine
  • Textile & Paper
  • Wood Working