About the Expo

Trade fairs and exhibitions are key mediums for manufacturers and exporters not only to connect with new buyers, but also in getting new orders. For centuries, fairs and exhibitions have helped companies in propagating their businesses globally.

But 2020 has brought to fore a different kind of challenge before us. With traditional export markets worldwide going into lockdown mode and with imposition of travel restrictions to control the Covid-19 outbreak, exporters of the country are finding it difficult to connect with global buyers to keep their business going. The current situation has made us look for innovative ways to engage with global buyers. While these are extraordinary times, it has also opened the door to a whole new world of virtual fairs - this is the time to turn to virtual trade fairs and exhibitions.

Virtual or online trade shows can not only help Indian exporters to showcase their products and keep the economic activity wheel moving, they can perhaps be more efficient, cost-effective and less time consuming.

Why Virtual Fairs (How Coronavirus Will Reshape The Trade Fair Industry)

About Covid Essential Expo India - 2020

With no vaccine in sight for the Coronavirus, the demand for Covid-19 essentials like masks, ventilators, gloves, visors, etc. will not only remain, but will in fact see a surge in the coming months. Both manufacturers and exporters should use the demand for these essentials to their benefit. And what’s more! In the recent months Chinese products used by healthcare professionals to fight the Novel Coronavirus in several nations were found to be sub-standard and thus risky to use. As such, Indian companies can use this opportunity to meet this impending demand from nations across the globe who are fighting the virus. Taking this into consideration, Tradeindia has come up with a very apt virtual trade fair – COVID-19 Essentials, wherein Indian companies can connect with importers virtually and vice versa. So take advantage of the fair and make up for the losses incurred during the lockdown!