Welcome to Vape Expo India 2017

Vape Expo India is a new promising platform for the rapidly developing vape industry in India. The main event in India vape industry will be held on 9-10 September 2017 in India Exposition Mart, Noida, U.P. , India and will determine the trends in the country's vape development, showcase new products produced by Indian and foreign companies. Today, India is one of the best global investment destination and of the fastest growing sectors is the vape industry. The Event will mark the turning point in India and World vape industry development. More than 150 biggest companies-exhibitors have bought stands to occupy a niche into the perspective Indian E-cigarette Market.

About Vape Expo India E-liquid Awards

Welcome to the first B2B Vape Conference in India. The one-day event for senior Vape market professionals with the participation of the representatives of manufacturing, distribution, media and health sphere. This is the leading platform for discussion of the key issues in the in Vape Market and opportunity to discover new channel ahead for the Vape Industry in India.

Focus Sector:

  •  The Vape Industry in India: Indian consumer preferences, potential market size, the particularity of advance business.
  • Government control, franchise, and taxation of vape products
  •  E-liquid Manufacturing: complete cycle of manufacture to order, retraining of exis manufacture in a new vector
  • The challenges and opportunities of opening a new business in India: finding partners from the beginning, making contracts with local authorities, governmental regulatory
  •  Standards of manufacturing for vape products and government regulation
  • The Influence of vaping on health, review of components of e-liquidation and nicotine for electronic cigarettes