Seoul Int'l Seafood Show 2018

Welcome to Seoul Int'l Seafood Show 2018

Seoul Int'l Seafood Show (2018) will be held at Coex Hall D, Seoul, Korea, for the period of May 9th to 11th, 2018. It includes all kinds of fishery products with concepts of top-quality and safety-guaranteed. By showing the newest & latest technologies and products of the industry, the seafood event will fulfill all your business needs. The categories to be displayed are fishery products, processed products, and the associated equipment. Further, the administrative unit is dedicated to provide any support in relation with the exhibition. The Seoul Int'l Seafood Show (3S 2018) has been designed to attract the influential international buyers & visitors. It is expected that numerous leading companies and professionals will be there. This will contribute to the Korean industry of fishery products.

Seoul Int'l Seafood Show 2018 is sponsored by Ministry Of Ocean & Fisheries, Korea Chainstores Association and Korea Fishery Trade Association. It represents 200 companies, 350 booths and 1200 products. And 20,000 people (10,000 buyers) in total. There are good survey and exhibition analysis results of the past show – Seoul Int'l Seafood Show 2017. It's incorporated details include: 8 autonomous regional governments, major private enterprises, public enterprises and 20 foreign countries. Total 18,211 visitors participated in the 3S 2017.

Seoul Int'l Seafood

Exhibitor's Profile

Industry's major business organizations and professionals will take part in the exhibition. They represent seafood processors, fresh seafood providers, processing equipment manufacturers, and others. Also, the event has support of government/association/society. The offered categories include: Seafood; Seasonings & Food Additives; Food Processing Machinery & Equipment; Fishery, Nursery & Aquaculture Technologies; Refrigerators, Freezers & Thawing Machines; Packaging & Distribution Equipment / Services; and HACCP Supporting Machinery & Food Sanitation etc. The exhibitors can benefit from the trade-show, and can have massive opportunities to grow their business globally.

Visitors Profile

Both, domestic visitor and international visitor will attend the Seoul Int'l Seafood Show 2018. A lot of interesting trade activities are organized for the visitors. The show is great for seafood buyers / users, traders, domestic fishing businesses, government & others. It is especially designed for fisheries processors, distribution enterprises, hotels, restaurants, food service facilities, department stores, and other industry sectors. The seafood event will help in the growth as well as development of the Industry Sectors of Korea.