Welcome to 6th PRINT & PACKTECH WORLD EXPO 2019

The purpose of Print & Pack World Expo-2019 is to assist you in thinking & re-thinking about the future. Printing and packaging has experienced revolutionary changes. Its amazing and breathtaking to compare anything and everything that's happening today. With what used to happen may be 10 years back, it is no longer the world of unpacked things, virtually everything on earth can be packed. Packaging is no longer meant for the mere protection of a product but has become critical market differentiator.

Print & Pack World Expo-2019 will be tailor-made to reflect the market's evolutionary path driven by new needs, competition, technology, channels and other developments. The Exhibition will have a special focus on the integration of processes in Printing and packaging and its supply chain as this will eventually lead both Industries to claim market leadership and turning India to a Printing and Packaging hub.

Print & Pack World Expo-2019 will be the premier exhibition for the printing and packaging industries, raising awareness and augment Indian Printing and Packaging capabilities, spurring both Industries to new heights. The Exhibition will Present excellent opportunities for the Industries to evaluate its investing decisions in Printing and Packaging.

Exhibitors Profile

  • Pre-Press & Post Press, DTP, CTP, Software's, Plate Making Systems, Color Management Systems, Proofing Systems, Scanners, Process Equipments.
  • Press Machines & related equipments for sheet & web offset (Single & Multi Colour), Flexo, Roto Gravure, Silk Screen & Label Printing, Digital Printing Machines.
  • Binding Case & Perfect Book Binding Machines, Paper cutting machines, Trimmers, Thread Sewing machine, Wire stitching machine, Book Block preparing machine, UV Coating Machines & Equipments, Foiling, Die Cutting, Creasing, Slitting, Rewinding Machines, Laminating Machines, Strapping Machines, Shrink Wrapping Machines, Folding & Gluing Machines, Sheeters, Stackers, conveyor systems etc.,
  • Converting Paper & Board, Plastics, Metal, Glass Converting Machines, Continuous Label application & Label Gluing Machines. Bottling lines & Label applicators, Bag & Pouch making machines, Thermoforming & Vaccum Packaging Machines.
  • Packaging Corrugating, Rotary Cutting, Punching Machines, Paper Cup Making Machines, Rigid & Flexible Packaging, Cardboard Printing & Box Stitching Machines, Slotting Machines, Laminating, Form Filling Machines, Printing Accessories & Consumables, Signage, Signage & POP, Signage Machinery, Signage Raw Materials  & Inks, LED Signage & Display, Clipart DVDs, Solvents & Varnishes, Bar Coding Equipments & Systems

Visitors Profile

Print & Pack World Expo-2019 will be attracting large number of visitors like owners and managers of commercial Prints, Newspapers, Digital and Specialist Print Houses, Designers, Pre-press and Repro Houses, Packaging personal, Consultants, Contract Packaging Personnel, Decision-makers from all over India.

Publishing, Finishing & Converting specialists, Graphic arts specialists, Manufacturers & Retailers, Advertisement & design Houses, Direct Marketing & Public Relation Agencies, Multimedia / Internet Publishing, Trade Associations & their Members, Educational & Professional Bodies, OEM's & PSU's.