Welcome to Logistik & Transport Gothenburg 2015

Logistik & Transport 2015 is Scandinavia's popular logistic and transport trade fair and conference, emphasizing on ERP/Supply Chain Management, Transport Administration System, Identification, and other fields related to logistic and transport. This trade fair is going to held on 19 May 2015 to 21 May 2015 at Svenska Massan, Gothenburg, Sweden. The fair is significant to different industry verticals including senior government officials, shipping and port associations, chamber of commerce and other decision makers of the industry.

Based on past trade fair statistics, Logistik & Transport 2015 is expecting a huge rush with a major percentage of visitors will be responsible for, or advised on, decision-making. In the past the fair had attracted a highly significant visitor groups with knowledgeable seminar programs where many industry's big names participate. The fair will give an excellent opportunity to understand the global logistic and transport industry, making new contacts, strengthening the business as well as gaining inspiration.

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Exhibitors' Profile

Logistik & Transport 2015 will be exhibited by large number of industry professionals from different verticals including transport, air cargo carriers, shipping and railway lines, road haulage, integrators and forwarders, material handling companies, warehouse and storage companies, outsourcing and manning, consultancies and training, good protection companies and others going to exhibit.

Visitor's Profile:

Logistik & Transport 2015 will expect to capture attention of lots of people from different industry's verticals. Visitors will be from different sectors of transport, air cargo carriers, shipping lines, railways freight forwarding, supply chain management, third party logistics, material handing, warehouse and storage systems, conveyors and pallet rack and many other related sectors. According to 2014 trade fair:
  • 70% of visitors were responsible or influenced in decision making
  • 42% visitors were from different management roles
  • 72% of visitors were interested in participating in 2015 event.
  • 92% of visitors were satisfied with the event outcome

Why to visit Logistik & Transport 2015?

  • A globally dedicated industry trade fair for logistic and transport
  • An excellent platform for decision making, or advised on logistic and transport
  • An Ideal opportunity to making contacts and strengthening the business
  • A key venue to meet the entire logistic and transport industry
  • 2015 fair will emphasize on sea freight carriers
  • eCommerce as a new theme this year.