29-30-31 May 2019 National Exhibition and Convention Center-Hongqiao·Shanghai

GoldenFood Expo 2019

 Golden Food Expo

As per witnessing the immense popularity of all kinds of cuisine in china and abroad, golden food in coming up the mega expo named Golden Expo 2019. It has been said that in upcoming few years China will be regarded as the leading consumer of imported foods in the world. According to the stats and reports, it is calculated that In the year 2018 food of around 60,000 varieties of almost 15,000 brands were imported in China from more than 143 countries which made around 39.8 billion yuan at domestic market. This statistics led ''Intl Exhibition group'' which is a prominent international exhibition organization in shanghai the financial hub of the country to organize a three day trade exhibition named ''Golden Food Expo 2019'' at National Exhibition and Convention Center- Hongqiao Shanghai. The upcoming event is scheduled from 29th May 2019 to 31st May 2019. It has been estimated that in next few years the business of imported foods in china will exceed up to 480 billion yuan. Golden Food Expo 2019 will going to bring all the leading vendors from all around the world under one roof, which help them to expand their market in China. In the forthcoming exhibition along with the showcasing the food items various concurrent events.

Exhibitor's Profile

In the forthcoming edition of the Golden Food Expo 2019, all the overseas food vendors will meet together to discuss new business ideas. The three event will be a Food, Drink & Gastronomy Business Exhibition, which will help the exhibitors to expand their business market in China as well as in another region. As per Seeing the immense excitement amongst exhibitors it has been estimated that more than 3000 exhibitors from all around 143 countries and other regions of Abroad and China will be participating in it. The exhibition will follow the motto of “New Consumption, Sharing Global Cuisine”. Following food products will be displayed in the exhibition

Canned food | Nutritional health food | Geographical indication products | Fashion drinks and bottled water | Edible oil and olive oil | Seafood and aquatic products | Organic food | Coffee and equipment | Snack foods and sweets | Honey | Condiment

Visitor's Profile

Golden Expo 2019 will give a golden platform to its visitors along with exhibitors to have commercial interactions. Here trade buyers can find their potential suppliers also they will participate in the activities, like competition selection and cultural exchange of global food in China. More than 1,00,000 professional visitors from 143 regions are expected to attend the upcoming 3 days event in May 2019 from 29th to 31st at National Exhibition and Convention Center- Hongqiao Shanghai. Various food oriented activities, like creating the International Food Culture Street, carrying forward the world Cuisine culture will be organized which will expand the channel of imported food in China.
Visitors from the following sectors are expected in the exhibition;

Exporters | Importers | Manufactures | Wholesalers | Buyers | Dealers | Agents | Retailers