International Green Architecture and Construction Materials (Shanghai) Expo 2020

 IPDL 2019

Green assembly, urban and rural integration

The 13th Five-Year Plan aims to build an energy-saving, low-carbon, green, intensive and efficient building energy system and promote supply-side structural reform in urban and rural housing construction. Green building development from town to country, and from the monomer building to city streets (community), and other regional units, from planning, design, construction to management, running from energy conservation and green building extension to the prefabricated building, green building materials, the energy saving and green development concept extends to the whole field, the whole process and whole industrial chain. With the recent development of regional integration in the Yangtze river delta becoming a national strategy, the construction industry will firstly benefit from the construction of hardware environment in the integration process. The projects related to the construction of the integration demonstration zone in the Yangtze river delta cover trans-provincial traffic roads, industrial park construction, supporting municipal affairs and other fields. The promotion is worth expecting. As a leading city in the Yangtze river delta, Shanghai has taken promoting the construction of green ecological urban areas as an important part of promoting the green development of the city.

As a professional trade fair of building materials -- international green building materials expo (ESBuild 2020), I have been deeply engaged in China's green building industry for 16 years.In 2020, Green Architecture And Construction Materials Expo 2020 will integrate existing resources, reset the exhibition concept of "providing comprehensive green building solutions", and launch the integration of six major sectors. The exhibition covers building energy conservation, prefabricated building and parts, internal and external wall system, interior decoration, comfort system plate and green building supply chain.

The exhibition involves supply chain platform and supervision, prefabricated decoration technology, integration of thermal insulation and decoration, integrated wall, hvac and fresh air equipment and other related content. The exhibition will have a total exhibition area of 70,000 square meters, with 1,000 exhibitors participating, and the number of professional visitors is expected to exceed 80,000. ESBuild 2020 will pay attention to the development status and trend of green building to the height of the whole society, and serve as a clear green development plan in the 13th five-year plan of the country, to pool policy forces and improve the development efficiency.

Exhibitor's Profile

ES Build 2020
Building energy-saving
Insulation of interior and exterior walls, Doors and Windows Curtain Wall, Doors and Windows Curtain Wall, Technical equipment.
ES Build 2020
Prefabricated building and parts
Precast concrete structure, steel structure, modular building, wood structure, precast components production equipment and facilities.
ES Build 2020
Internal and external wall system
Exterior wall decoration materials, exterior wall functional materials, External wall construction technology, Diatom ooze, Art paint, interior paint, wallpaper, Integrated wall, building glue, Beautify seam, technical equipment.

ES Build 2020
Interior decoration
Ceiling, floor, villas, kitchen and bathroom, wood industry.
ES Build 2020
Comfort systems
Heating technology, equipment and supporting materials, new energy equipment, solar energy utilization technology and equipment, pipe fittings, supporting materials, air purification, intelligent building electrical, building water supply and drainage system.
ES Build 2020
Green building supply chain
purchaser and supplier service platform, supply chain management and monitoring system and software, green building materials intelligent manufacturing, supply chain related financial services, supporting logistics, logo certification, industry incubation, industry consulting services.

2020 Green Building Materials Forum Series Activities:

  • Fabricated Wall Development Forum
  • Forum on the Integration and Development of Assembled Architecture and New Rural Construction
  • Development Forum on Collaborative Management of Assembled Construction Supply Chain
  • Docking between assembly parts and system integrator products
  • Purchasing docking meeting between real estate dealers and suppliers

Cost of Participation