Welcome to Digicomp 2018

Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is organizing a two day "Exhibition" & “Conference” Digicomp 2018 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi during 16th and 17th January, 2018. Manufacturers of "Computer Hardware & Design-Led Electronics' products would take part in this exhibition and showcase their product in front of huge gathering representing almost all important stakeholders from ESDM industry of India and abroad. ICC would write to the prominent industry bodies of South and South East Asian' countries to ensure active participation of relevant companies from these countries having genuine interests in Indian market. Focused "Buyer Seller Meetings (BSM)" and "State Road Shows" would also happen in the sideline of the two day exhibition. ICC would meticulously accomplish the job of'match-making' and organize BSM in all possible formats like B2B, B2G etc

Exhibitors Profile

DVD Players, Cathode Ray N, Panels f LCD and LED TV including Open Cell, Plate Diffuser, Film Diffuser, Back Light Unit Module Organic LED (OLED) TV Panels, Close Circuit TVs, LED (Light Emitting Diode), MCPCB (Metal Core Printed Circuit Board), LED (Light Emitting Diode) Driver, Electro Mechanical Components (like Relays, Switches etc.), Passive Components (like Capacitors, Resistors, etc), Active Components (like ICs, Diodes, Transistors etc.), Associate Components (like Optical Disc, Magnets, RF Tuners ,

Autornated/Automation Equipment, Analytical Instruments, Automotive Electronics, Digitization Of Automobile Controls, Notebooks, Tablet PCs, Desktop PCs, Mobile Handsets, Office Automation

Energy Meters, Pacemakers, Flexible Medical Video Endoscopes, Solar Photovoltaic cell, Smart Cards, Microwave Ovens, Telecommunication Equipments, Semiconductor Chip, Integrated Device Manufacturers (IDMS), Fabless Manufacturers, Set Top Boxes (STBS), Conditional Access System (CAS), Process Control Equipment, Industrial Control Systems, Test & Measurement Devices, Power Electronics

Medical Electronics, Strategic Electronics, Lighting Industry, Electronic Hardware Products Relating to IT and Office Automation, Telecom, Consumer Electronics, Electronic Components, Solar Photovoltaic, Automotive Electronics, Medical Electronics, Avionics, LED etc.

Digicomp 2018
• Manufacturers of Computer Hardware, Peripherals & Design Ledtlectronics
• Service Providers
Digicomp 2018
• Computer Hardware & Design-Led Electronics Manufacturing
• Telecommunication Equipment
Digicomp 2018
• Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
• Repair & Maintenance (R&M) Services
• Skill Development
To participate, kindly fill up the attached "Registration Form" and send it to:
Debajyoti Ghosh- 9831618066 Email : debajyoti.ghosh@indianchamber.net
Tushar Chaudhury Mob: +91 8420838220; Email: tushar.chaudhury@indianchamber.net