Welcome to CMEE 2018 - China Marine Economy Expo

CMEE - China Marine Economy Expo is the only exposition of national level on marine economy in China. This economic and trading show incorporates "Belt and Road Initiatives" of China and gives a business platform for serving the national strategies of constructing a 21st century maritime silk road, Beibu Gulf Economic Rim, Guang-dong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area and the Comprehensive Pilot Zone for Marine Economy in Guangdong. It focuses on promoting marine economic exchange and cooperation between China and other countries worldwide. This is why CMEE is regarded as a " No.1 Marine Expo in China", that aims at building China into a maritime power. It implements innovation-driven development, civil-military integration and coordinated regional development. This marine exposition promotes elevation of international cooperation level in marine economy.

In the 2018 edition of CMEE to be held from 22nd November to 25th November, 2018 at Zhanjiang Olympic Center Stadium in Zhanjiang, will have four Concurrent Theme Areas and 163 Concurrent Events. Latest developments will be presented by experts and scholars in national, international and industry pavilions, as well as tourism, ocean maker, sales and service zones. People will come from several fields, like Port logistics, Research and development, Environmental protection, Marine tourism, Government, Marine fishery, Investments, Shipbuilding, Marine equipment manufacturing and Military.

Exhibitor's Profile

For the marine industry, CMEE is a high-end business platform for economic as well as trade cooperation. Over 450 emerging or technologically innovative sea-related enterprises will participate as exhibitors and showcase their products at 20 000 square meters expo space to estimated 60,000 professional visitors. The products and services that will be exhibited can be categorized based on their industry:

CMEE 2018 - China Marine Economy Expo

Marine Manufacturing and energy Industry: Marine equipment | Energy equipment | Port equipment | Equipment for fishery, aquatic products, production and processing

CMEE 2018 - China Marine Economy Expo

Marine Biological Industry:
Marine bioscience | Marine biothechnology

CMEE 2018 - China Marine Economy Expo

Marine Science and Technology:
Ocean monitoring | Sea water desalination | Supporting equipment | Marine environmental management | Big ocean data | New materials | Ocean protection

CMEE 2018 - China Marine Economy Expo

Marine Modern Service Industry:
Port logistics | Marine information service | Marine finance | Marine transportation

Visitor Profile

By visiting at CMEE 2018, visitors can establish unique contacts with well-known companies in the industry. Not only this, they can explore latest offerings by many trendsetting market players. While exploring the range and communicating with the exhibitors, they can find find reliable partners and direct suppliers to skyrocket their businesses. Mainly, following people from organizations participation in the event:

CEO | Sales Manager | Director | Managing Director | Owner