Welcome to Cleanzone Middle East

Cleanzone Middle East is amongst the leading interdisciplinary convention place for the clean room sectors globally. From last few years, we have been providing an unique platform to the emerging technology firms for showcasing their new ideas in the exhibitions at Frankfurt. The inaugural edition of the ''Cleanzone Middle East '' trade show will be held on 12th and 13th November in Conrad Hotel, Sheikh Zayad Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is one of a kind of event where experts and users from various technology oriented sectors, like micro technology, life sciences and productions will meet under one roof. This two days event will be started from 9.00 am in the morning to 5.00 pm in the evening. In our last edition of our parent show in Frankfurt 38 percent of the visitors came from more over 40 countries. The launch edition in Dubai will feature Cleanroom Technology Solution and service providers from across Germany, France, , Luxembourg, Belgium, KSA, UAE amonst the others who will participate in the panel discussion about the latest innovations and trends. Along with the panel discussions, keynote lectures will also be provided by the various cleanroom experts, consultants and specialists. Passionate learners, amateurs can able to interact with experts and can enhance their knowledge and skills. We will focus on the different aspects of Cleanroom Designing &Architecture, Monitoring & Validation, Engineering & Development, Quality Control & Decontamination and flexible cleanroom projects that can be set up conveniently and quickly.


Exhibitor's Profile

As the foremost technology oriented organizers of interdisciplinary convention place for clean room, Cleanzone Middle East is inviting all the top shots cleanroom solution providers from all over the world including, AAF International, BSR, BRIEM, Dittel Engineering, DuPont, Elis, HHAC, Igienair, ISOONE, Masarat for Accreditation, MRC Cleanroom Systems, Ortner, PMMR, PPS PFennig, Rigel, RSE, Vali.sys, Waldner and many more. The conference will give an opportunity to the partners, sponsors, exhibitors, service providers to display the latest solutions and applications for several industrial sectors, like aerospace, optics, hospitals, pharmacies, semiconductor, automotive, food industry, surface technology and others

Visitor's Profile

Considering the popularity and need for Cleanroom Technology in the Middle East, we are expecting the various cleanroom professionals, owners and operators to join the show. Trade Visitors are expected from many countries including UAE, KSA, OMAN, IRAN, TURKEY, EAST AFRICA and the larger middle eastern region., . Here people from different industries where production is carried out under cleanroom conditions can get an exposure and meet their needs, like Aerospace, Automotive, Cosmetics, Food, Micro-electronics, Pharmaceutical industries, Semiconductor, surface technology including representatives from STRATA, MASDAR CITY, LIFE PHARMA, ZUNEFA PHARMA, SCITRA, DUBAI SCIENCE PARK, MEDICLINIC.. Here visitor can find access to the new technologies and products. New technologies will be unveiled at Conrad Hotel of UAE.