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    30,000 sq m2 exhibition area.

Welcome to B-Expo 2018

B-Expo is the Baoan Industry Development Expo organized every year with a purpose of displaying the industry development of Baoan District and to establish a new image of Baoan industry highland. Today, Baoan is a major economic and industrial district of Shenzhen, where multitude of internationally competitive enterprises and products are cultivated and many social and economic developments are marked. The B-Expo 2017 held successfully which aimed at the goal of "overall display of Baoan industry development, top event", follow the requirement of "high starting point, high value, sustainability" and position in "professionalization, marketization, internationalization and branding". Adopted the mode of "government holding conference, enterprise holding exhibition", B-Expo exhibited the featured products, development, achievement, future planning and advanced image of Baoan industry.

The 3rd Baoan Industry Development Expo will kick off on 27 July and end on 29 July, 2018 at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. People's Government of Shenzhen Baoan District is the host of the 2018 event. Shenzhen Baoan District Beareau of Economic Promotion together with Shenzhen Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association are the organizing agencies.

The entire world is eyeing on Baoan, as it provides favorable business environment to the world. The increasing global influence of B-Expo can be observed in the number of overseas audience. Around 25% of the total visitors are from over 50 countries, India, Brazil, Canada, United States. Flance and Italy, naming the few.

Exhibitor's Profile

More than 440 exhibitors hailing from different industries will participate to demonstrate competitive industry resources in total 30,000 meter square exhibition area. The exhibitors will be presenting their products and services in 15 exhibition areas, such as:

Visitor's Profile

More than 1,57,000 visitors from more than 50 countries and regions are expected to attend the upcoming event. The visitors from industries like logistics and warehousing, intelligent manufacturing, automation, communication and transportation, electronics, information technology, etc., will get to explore the products and get the exposure. The visitors expected at this upcoming event are:

Suppliers | Trading companies | Distributors and agents | Purchasing groups | Professionals | Manufacturer | Retailers | Importers | Exporters | Key Decision Makers