091011 August 2024
TOPLIGHT TRADE CENTER, Kangeyam Main Road, Manimahal Bus Stop, Tirupur.

Welcome to Knit Show 2024

Join us at KNIT SHOW 2024 will be held on August 09-10-11 2024 at TOPLIGHT TRADE CENTER, Kangeyam Main Road, Manimahal Bus Stop, Tirupur, India and get a chance to attend the garment & textile machinery and fashion accessories expo in India.

Knit Fair Tirupur is the leading exhibition in India for textile garment machinery, technology, accessories, and related services. It started in 2000 and has since become India’s premier annual trade show. In addition to organizing the event, City Leaves also publishes a comprehensive garment directory with valuable industry information dating back to 1993. Held in Tirupur, the hub of India’s knitwear industry, the fair is poised to see an increase in both the quality and quantity of participants and visitors from across India’s textile sector..

Join the forefront of the garment industry’s evolution by collaborating with Knit Show in Tirupur. This premier trade event will bring together over 500 exhibitors from across the world, showcasing the latest products, technology, innovation and services in the industry. Be where your buyers are and make new in-roads in your business through interaction and first-hand experience. Explore the potential for growth and gain a competitive edge. Seize the chance to advance your business with confidence. Register for Knit fair tirupur today and make significant strides towards success..

Be Part of KNITSHOW 2024

KNITSHOW 2024 will set the stage for the world’s top manufacturers of textile and garment technologies
to unveil exciting innovations to a global audience across four key pillars.

Advanced Materials

Automation and Digital Future


Sustanbility and

Exhibitor Profile

  • Printing Machines
  • Printing Technology
  • Digital Textile Printing Machines
  • Digital Textile Printing Technology
  • Sublimation Printing Machines
  • Printing Machines Spares
  • Knitting Machines
  • Knitting Machines Spares
  • Sewing Machines
  • Sewing Machines Spares
  • Embroidery Machines
  • Embroidery Machines Spares
  • Bar code Printers
  • Cad-cam
  • Cone Winding Machines
  • Curing Machines
  • Cutting Machines
  • Display Racks
  • Dryer Machines
  • Dyeing Machines
  • Finishing Machines
  • Flat Knitting Machines
  • Fusing Machines
  • Garment Decorative Machines
  • Garment Furniture
  • Garment Machines
  • Garment Making Machines
  • Garment Printing Machines
  • Heat Transfer Machines
  • Home Furnishing Machines
  • Industrial Boilers
  • Ironing Machines
  • Jacquard Machines
  • Labeling Machines
  • Laser Cutting Machines
  • Laser Machines…

Visitor Profile

  • Textile Manufacturers
  • Garment Manufacturers
  • Export Houses, Buying House
  • Buying Agent
  • Apparel Manufacturers
  • Domestic Garment Manufacturers
  • Cloth Manufacturers
  • Garment Brands
  • Garment Labels
  • Knitwear Manufacturers
  • Domestic Retail Chains
  • International Retail Chains
  • Woven Garment Manufacturers
  • Home Furnishing Companies
  • Leather Goods Manufacturers
  • Merchandisers
  • Purchasing Team
  • Sourcing Team
  • Accessory Sourcing Team
  • Fabric Sourcing Team
  • Fashion Designers
  • Fashion Studio
  • Knitting Companies
  • Flat Knitting Companies
  • Printing Companies
  • Digital Printing Companies
  • Textile Printing Houses
  • Fusing and Curing Companies
  • Embroidery Companies
  • Job Working Companies
  • Dyeing and Bleaching Companies
  • Processing Companies
  • Fashion Accessory Manufacturers
  • Fashion Accessory Dealers
  • Garment Machinery Manufacturers
  • Garment Machinery Dealers
  • Spinning Mills
  • Yarn Dealers
  • Thread Manufacturers