293031 March 2024 Agra Trade Centre, Village Singhna,
NH - 19 , Agra, India.

200+ Exhibitors

20000+ Visitors

50+ Leading Footwear Brands

Welcome to Agra Footwear Expo 2024

Agra Footwear Expo 2024 will be held on 29th to 31st March 2024 at Agra Trade Centre, Village Singhna, HN-2, Agra, India. Agra Footwear Expo is the only B2B & Complete Footwear International Expo Event Where Exhibit's Leather and Leather Goods (Bags, Belts, Purses & Accessories), Footwear Components (Heels, Insole, Sole, Shoe Laces, Upper, EVA Foam, Fabrics, Mould & Sole Material), Raw Material (Hooks, Zip, Locks, Tages, Non Leather Straps, Pullers & Chains), Footwear Brands and Footwear Manufacturers, Footwear Machinery & Technology, Logistics, Testing & Certification, Synthetics Material (PU/PVC, Bicast Leather, Recycled Leather, Artificials Material), Adhesives, Chemicals & Dyes are brought together under one roof.

Agra Footwear Expo – 2024 is being organized by IFDC and support from All Associations of Agra Footwear Industries as well as Bahadurgarh, Kanpur & Chennai Industry Associations. The main objective of which is to bring all the Footwear Industries on one platform and make the country and the world feel the world Footwear Capital through this Mega Expo in the country's largest Agra Footwear Cluster. Through the “Agra Footwear Expo – 2024”, by bringing all the Footwear Industries under one roof, we will work to give exposure to buyers & visitors through a complete expo where all their needs can be met.

Agra Footwear Expo – 2024 Believes in Growth, Growth of every Footwear Manufacturers, Leather, Footwear Components & Technology, raw materials Manufacturers & Suppliers, Growth of Every Footwear Brand, Growth of Indian Footwear Industries and Growth of Indian Economy.

Exhibitor Profile

     Agra Footwear Expo 2024
    Footwear Machinery & Technology
    Leading Tanners
    Finished Leather Manufacturers & Suppliers
    Component Manufacturers & Suppliers
     Agra Footwear Expo 2024
    Footwear Machinery & Equipment Manufacturers & Suppliers
    Footwear Accessories Manufacturers & Suppliers
    Leather Accessories Manufacturers & Suppliers
    Footwear Chemicals, Shoe Finishes & adhesives Companies & Suppliers
    Raw Material Chemicals
    Packaging Industry
    Publication & Consultancy Services
    Industries Goods & Service Providers
    Logistic Suppliers
    Solar Energy Manufacturers & Suppliers
    Banking & Finance Institution
    Testing Certifications
    Pu PVC Plastic Manufacturers & Suppliers
    Sole Manufacturers

    Footwear Brands

    Textiles & Fabrics

Visitor Profile

  • Leading Footwear Manufacturers
  • Institutional Buyers from across the Globe
  • Designers
  • Technicians
  • Footwear Traders, Wholesalers, Retailers & Suppliers
  • Merchant Exporters
  • Importer & Exporter
  • Government Officials connected with the Industry