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ECPAKLOG is a first and worldwide trade fair focusing on e-commerce packaging and supply chain, which debuted in 2017 in Shanghai by M. Success Media Group and ChinaPak Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. ECPAKLOG provides solutions and future trends that help E-commerce continue to grow profitably from the packaging and supply chain sectors. Topics covered include: efficiency improvements - e-commerce automatic packaging, sustainability - eco-friendly packaging and recycling, humanized packaging -Easy-to-open, ready-to-ship, frustration-free, data collection and marketing- IoT smart packaging etc.

Meanwhile ECPAKLOG 2019 will be held in conjunction with the 3rd UREXPO (Unattended Retail Conference and Exhibition) It is expected more than 750 exhibitors will display various packaging and retail technologies, providing one-stop platform for omni-channel retailing technology and solutions.

"ECPAKLOG is an event focused around the largest challenge to face packaging professionals in some time. Therefore, its importance cannot be understated. It provides a forum for business leaders to gather and discuss cutting edge technologies and ideas that will be needed to address the diffculties associated with direct to consumer shipments. I enjoyed gainning exposure to so many conversations and innovative technologies focused around the booming e-commerce channel. The key for the future will be keeping pace with advancements by logistics providers so we can ensure packaging is up to task while remaining conscience of the need to develop environmentally responsible packaging solutions for the packaged products sourcing, distribution , and end-of-life" commented by Mr. Andrew J. Gruber Chairman of ISTA after his visit to ECPAKLOG 2018

Exhibitor's Profile

As per witnessing the increasing popularity of the last two editions of E-Commerce Packaging & Supply Chain Expo, more than 118% of growth in the number of the exhibitors has been estimated. Previous edition of ECPAKLOG 2018 has attracted more than 70% of exhibitors. Out of them 98% of exhibitors expressed their satisfaction.

Following packaging products and materials and services will be displayed in ECPAKLOG 2019;


E-commerce Automatic Packaging


On-demand processing & packaging


Eco- friendly packaging and Recycling


IoT- Smart Packaging


Fresh Food Cold Chain Packaging


Takeaway Food and Caterting Packaging

Visitor's Profile

Previous edition of ECPAKLOG has attracted more than 9,310 professional visitors from more than 19 countries and regions in all around the world. Here visitors can find their ideal suppliers. The reached an increase of 118% compared with previous exhibition, A total of 314 business matching were organized at the exhibition site.

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