• CIEFAIR 2021

Welcome to CIEFAIR 2021

China (Shenzhen) International Cross-border eCommerce Supply Chain Fair (CIE), be held on Sep.23-25, 2021 in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, showcases the latest internet information technologies blending into traditional industries, namely manufacturing and retailing. It enables the sellers and manufacturers to connect with each other to find the most popular products with the highest cost performance. Nearly 100 cross-border eCommerce factories show up with thousands of new and unique products, and cross-border sellers select and purchase on-site. More than 500 exhibitors from Cross-border eCommerce Industrial ecosystem, including Amazon, eBay and other global famous platforms and emerging market e-commerce platforms, have joined the annual event of cross-border e-commerce industry.

Exhibitor's Profile

At the annual event of cross-border e-commerce industry, over 500 exhibitors and high quality solution providers will participate to launch and sell their products, and strengthen contacts with target buyers. The exhibition site will also have a live broadcast room, so that manufacturers can launch goods to love broadcast. The vast range of products and services will be at showcase, some of those include the following:

Cross border e-commerce products:
  • Beauty personal care: personal care, hair care products, skin care products, cosmetics, shampoo products
  • Clothing, shoes and hats and home textiles: Women's wear, underwear, sportswear, men's wear, children's wear, shoes and hats, home textiles, bedding
  • 3C Digital: Home Office, small household appliances, mobile phones and peripherals, computer accessories, digital products, electrical appliances, vehicle electronic products
  • Outdoor products: sports equipment, fascia gun, camping products, bicycle accessories, Smart watch
  • Hardware: hardware tools, portable tools, home improvement tools, cookers and kitchenware
  • Food and beverage: leisure food, beverage, wine, agricultural products, fresh food, nutrition and health care products
  • Other categories: Stationery and gifts, artworks, pet products, fashion accessories, jewelry and luxury accessories, watches and clocks, bags and leather goods, mother and baby products
Cross border e-commerce and live e-commerce service providers
  • Logistics forwarder, customs clearance, supply chain management, overseas warehouse, etc.
  • Payment, marketing, training, finance and taxation, intellectual property, agency operation, design, trademark registration, etc.
  • Live broadcast organization, live broadcast equipment, live broadcast platform, live training, etc.

  •  CIEFAIR 2021

Visitors Profile

The visitors at the upcoming CIEFAIR 2021 would be from logistics, catering, manufacturing, retail, ecommerce and other industries. The visitors can explore the products on display and understand the products and technologies of the enterprises at product conferences. The visitors attracted to the annual event like this are mainly:

  • Foreign trade factories
  • Cross-border eCommerce Platforms
  • Cross-border eCommerce Sellers/e-retailers
  • Cross-border eCommerce Services Providers
  • Wholesalers / Distributors