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China International Battery Fair (CIBF) is an international exhibition for battery industry, organized every two years. This international meeting and exhibition was first held in Tiajin in 1992. For the last five consecutive terms, CIBH has been held successfully in Shenzhen. Get ready for the next fair! The 14th China International Battery Fair (CIBF) is scheduled from 19th March to 21st March, 2021 at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center in Shenzhen, China. For international participants, there will be activities, including exhibition, trade fair, information meeting and technical seminar. This trademark registered brand exhibition is sponsored by China Industrial Association of Power Sources.

In the last CIBF held in 2018 in Shenzhen Convention And Exhibition Center, 1253 exhibitors participated and set-up over 5500 booths. The total exhibition area was increased to 110000sqm. There were exhibitors from Taiwan, Germany, Korea and other countries. A total of 61625 visitors become a part of that three-day event. Visitors came from China and 85 other countries. The 2018’s advanced battery technical seminar was a success; 56 key speakers from 50 countries and 1200+ representatives from Japan, Canada, Russia, China, America, Germany and other countries were a part of the seminar. BBS was introduced in the 2018 event and named as “1st international conference of new energy vehicle & power battery”. This conference launch attracted more than 400 representatives from related fields, like power battery, vehicle, material, equipment manufacturing and financial investment. Several key questions were discussed and a project of “Study on Development of Smart Manufacturing of Power Battery” was launched.

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After the successful event in 2018, CIBF2021 is ready to bring new opportunities of product exchange and information sharing for both, domestic and international battery enterprises. The trade show will promote the development of battery technology. Chinese battery industry is developing, and CIBF is a platform where the world can witness the battery products and technology that are based on new research and development. It will showcase significant advances in development of battery system and related technologies. The organizer is expecting the participation of more than 1260 exhibitors in this three-day event, to showcase following products in more than 5500 booths:

East Africa Electricity 2020

3C battery

East Africa Electricity 2020

Power battery

East Africa Electricity 2020

Energy storage battery

East Africa Electricity 2020

Battery materials

East Africa Electricity 2020

System Solutions

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More than 1500 visitors from more than 63 countries or regions are expected at the 14th China International Battery Fair (CIBF). The visitors can be divided in Non-Shenzhen visitors, overseas audience and domestic visitors. The count of visitors in all segments surpass every precision session, and the sponsor is expecting the same in the upcoming event. The visitors can visit three-day exhibition and can-do one-to-one talks with exhibitors, exchange ideas on new technologies, expand market, compare products and learn about new generation battery materials, new type battery chemistries, advanced battery for energy storage, and more. The sponsor warmly welcomes all interested participants in the CIBF2021. The footfall of following visitors from different fields are expected at the event:

Battery manufacturers


Research institutions




Active researchers

Graduate students

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