Welcome to CIAIE 2019

China International Aromatic Industry Exhibition, CIAIE, is an only B2B professional trade show dedicated to all facets of Aromatic industry, including growing, processing, applying and branding. The exhibition space gets filled with scents of hundreds of flowers and herbs, creating a refreshing environment and experience for the visitors. In around 20,000sqm exhibition area, hundreds of aromatic products are being displayed from more than 30 international brands from Jordan, Egypt, Madagascar, Bulgaria, Turkey, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Germany, France, USA, Australia, Italy, Japan, Syria, South Africa, Morocco, Sri Lanka, and other countries and regions.

The previous events of CIAIE has a record of how profitable and lasting contacts were made. Get ready for the next edition of this trade show. The Fifth China International Aromatic Industry Exhibition, CIAIE 2019 is scheduled from 12th April to 14th April, 2019 at Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center. It is a big opportunities for international companies to know about a new and big Chinese market, network with Chinese exhibitors and visitors, get acquainted of trends and innovations in the field of Aromatic industry in China, brands and products.

The organizer will host a number of forums for laying theoretical foundation to the future development of aromatic industry of China.

Exhibitor's Profile

The domestic exhibitors from Jiangsu, Yunnan, Shangdong, Fujian, Hebei, Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Gansu, Jiangxi, Shanxi, Xinjiang, etc., as well as international exhibitors are going to participate in CIAIE 2019. The focus of the upcoming exhibition is on the following:

CIAIE 2019

Aromatic plants cultivation and tourism

CIAIE 2019

Health management

CIAIE 2019


CIAIE 2019

Koudou culture

CIAIE 2019

Media, Association and Cultural Institution

CIAIE 2019

Equipment & packages

CIAIE 2019

Essential oil and aromatherapy

CIAIE 2019

Natural fragrance and essence and application

CIAIE 2019

Pure herbal cleansing products

Visitor's Profile

At CIAIE 2019, a number of exhibitors will showcase their work and their products. Visitors can register online to participate in this three-day event and for a life changing experiences to discover. The trade visitors that are expected to attend the event to be organized by Beijing Exhibition Co.,Ltd., are from the following fields:

Cosmetics/ Perfume/ Fragrance / Pharmaceuticals / Haircare / Aircare / Personal Care / Hospital / Health theaters / Hotel / Clubs / Food / Beverage / Confectioneries / Aromatherapy Division / Tobacco / Scientific research insitutes / Cultural Communication organization / Mother and Baby Center/ Pet Center / Ederly care Center / 4S / Importers /

Activities of Ciaie 2018

A : Aromatic Common wealth Topic :
Development of Natural Cosmetics and Explanation of China's Relative Regulation. TCM Aromatherapy " Discussion of One Belt One Road " and State Strategy of Aromatic. Extension Educational System .Treatment of Back Pain With Aromatherapy .TCM “Jing” and "luo " Aromatherapy . Mothere and Baby Aromatherapy and Psychological Health Intervention in China . The Living State of Urban Pregnant Women in China .The Landing Road of Mother and Baby Aromatic Care in China

B : Forum of China Aromatic

Industrial Development : Innovation of Essential Oil Extracting Technology and International Trade Environment Application of Citrus Oils in Anti-Depression and Anti- tumor .How to Establish the Aromatherapy Educational System of Mother and Baby with Chinese Characteristics .Application of Essential Oils for Pet .New Conception of Marketing of Aroma Therapeutic Beauty Care.

C : Wonderful Debut on CIAIE :

The New Trend of International Quality of Essential Oils 2018 . The development and Method to Commercialize Professional Aromatic Brand. Efficacy of Herbal Extracts and Raw Material .Technology for AromatherapyThe Fundamental Logic to Understand in Fomulation . Making of professional rose supplier through Creationof Specialized Chain of Rose Industry . Art of smell in Performance Activites . Smart Fragrance Diffusion Leads New Retails .Improvement of Extracting Technology of Agarwood oil- Higher Quality and Production "Aromatherappist for Mom/Babys is the Sought-after New Professional 2017 .Development Report and futureTrend . Case Study of Protection and Sustainable Development of Endangered Aromatic Herbs .