Welcome to China International (Guangzhou )Fishery & Seafood Expo

China International (Guangzhou )Fishery & Seafood Expo is an international event for the international fishery and seafood industries. This is the largest platform for exhibiting seafood and equipments for processing, aquaculture, fishing, storage and transportation; trading; technical information exchange and communication. The main aim behind gathering high-end brands, processing enterprises, suppliers and traders from all over the world in fishery and seafood industries is to provide access to Chinese market and expand the international market share.

Also called FISHEX GUANGZHOU, another edition of this fishery show is scheduled from 25th August 2017 to 27th August 2017 at Asia's Largest Modern Exhibition Center- China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) Complex in Guangzhou, China. The show will be the witness of high-end product demonstration, release of leading technology, promotion of enterprise brands and several national and international collaborations. Guangzhou Fishex 2017 Committee is the organizer of the up-coming four day event.

Exhibitor's Profile

This exposition gives exhibitors the opportunity to build contacts and grow business with Chinese producers and exporters. Exhibitors hailing from frozen seafood, dried seafood, fresh seafood, processing & storage equipment, packaging material & equipment, service and other participate in the event. More than 30% exhibitors from overseas, mainly China, Spain, America, Chile, Indonesia, Norway, Japan and Korea participate. The products and services that will be showcased and demonstrated include the following:

  • Fresh, frozen and dried seafood
  • Fishery handicraft
  • Deep processing seafood
  • Aquaculture technology & equipment
  • Preservation technology & equipment
  • Comprehensive utilization of seafood technology & equipment
  • Recreational fishery equipment
  • Seafood processing equipment
  • Freezing equipment
  • Packaging equipment
  • Cold chain & logistics equipment
  • Seafood products agent
  • Aquatic product testing instrument
  • Fishery market information service
  • Products import and export inspection & quarantine
  • Cooperation project in fishery

Visitor's Profile

The best and most influential enterprises from home country and abroad are participating in this upcoming event. More than 1500 exhibitor will showcase and demonstrate their products and services. The businesses which will become the part of this event will get infinite business opportunities. The event will cover products and services, like:

  • International fisheries sectors
  • Fisheries governmental organizations
  • Aquatic products suppliers & processing enterprises
  • Fisheries companies
  • Commercial companies
  • Universities & colleges
  • Research institutions
  • Agent distributors
  • Wholesale market
  • Distributor
  • Retailer
  • Seafood processor
  • Supermarket
  • Hotels and restaurant
  • Agents
  • Traders
  • Group companies
  • Airline companies
  • Railway
  • Commerce Organization
  • Catering entertainment associations
  • Consumer group

Post Show Report 2016

China International (Guangzhou) Fishery&Seafood Expo 2016 has already been held on August 26-28, 2016 at China Import&Export (Canton Fair) Complex successfully. It attracted totally 418 enterprises from 16 countries and 30 domestic cities, 9863 professional visitors from 63 overseas countries and regions, as well as 32685 general visitors. Moreover, the size of Catering Chain, Food and Agricultural Products Expo on the first floor is 43200sqm with 1180 exhibitors and 106800 visitors. Guangzhou Fair total area is 120000sqm with 216300 visitors.