Welcome to BANGLA MED EXPO 2022

BANGLA MED EXPO 2022 is an international exhibition on Medical, Surgical, Hospital Equipment, Diagnostic products and consumables. This exhibition is important for doctors, hospital directors, hospital purchase, and diagnostic labs. It is the unique combination of exhibitors, trade visitors, brands and healthcare fraternity.

This exhibition is scheduled to be held from 22- 24 Sep 2022 at International Convention City Bashundhara (ICCB), Dhaka, Bangladesh.

BANGLA MED EXPO 2022: Currently the 57th largest economy in the world, Bangladesh has been making significant socio-economic developments in recent years. GDP has been growing at an average rate of 6-7% over the past decade. However, despite improving healthcare indicators such as decline in mortality rates and increase in average life expectancy, the health sector of the country is yet to reach its full potential. Total healthcare expenditure stands at only 3.7% of total GDP of the economy.

There are approximate 3500 private hospitals and clinics registered in Bangladesh. The total number of beds provided by the private sector is approximate 60000. Along with private clinics and hospitals, the number of diagnostic centers in the private sector is growing. In 2012, approximately 5,122 laboratories and other diagnostic centers were registered with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW, 2012). In the private for-profit sector, there are some large diagnostic centers in the cities (Lab Aid, Ibn Sina, Popular and Medinova) providing laboratory and specialized radiological tests.

In the nonprofit private sector, there are centers like the International Centre for Diarrheal Diseases and Research, Bangladesh (ICDDR,B), which has a modern laboratory providing research facilities and extends laboratory services to the general community.


650 + BRANDS

Exhibitor Profile

  • Anesthesia Products,
  • Bio Medical Instruments,
  • Blood Bank Equipments,
  • Cardiology Equipments,
  • Infant and baby care,
  • Dental Equipments& Implants,
  • Diagnostics Products,
  • E.N.T Instruments,
  • Electro Medical Instruments,
  • Endoscopy,
  • Gynecological Products,
  • Hospital Furniture and Fixtures,
  • Hospital Garments,
  • ICU/CCU Equipments,
  • Laparoscopy,
  • Medical Disposable Products,
  • Medical Gas Pipe Line,
  • Modular OTs and OT Equipments,
  • Neonatal Devices,
  • Operating Tables & Shadow Lights,
  • Ophthalmic Instruments,
  • Orthopedic Implants,
  • Pathological Instruments,
  • Physiotherapy Equipments,
  • Rehabilitation Products and aids,
  • Suction Units,
  • Surgical Disposable,
  • Surgical Medical Rubber Goods,
  • X-Ray Instruments,
  • Accreditation Agencies

Visitor Profile

  • Doctors (Surgery) and Practicing Physician,
  • Doctors (Hospitals,
  • Health Centers,
  • Sub-Centers Other Medical Establishments),
  • Physiotherapists & Ergo therapists,
  • Hospital Directors / CEO,
  • Hospital Administration Managers and Staff,
  • Biologists,
  • Microbiologists,
  • Bio-Chemists,
  • Chemists,
  • Process Engineers,
  • Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) for Rehabilitation Aids,
  • Technician,
  • Doctor's Assistant, Nurse),
  • Diagnostic & pathology Labs,
  • Visitors from Academies and Universities,
  • Visitors from Government or International Agencies and Associations