4th Alten exhibition will be starting from 28th -30th January 2014 at Bombay exhibition Center, Mumbai,India.
ALTEN series is now the benchmark event in India for Power Back Up Industry etc…Meet at one place...leading manufacturers of Batterry, Inverter, UPS & allied products from all over the world... Meet at one place. India's Largest Power Back Up Technology Event. The highlights includes:

4th in the "ALTEN" series of exhibitions
Endorsed / Supported by International / National Associations etc.
3-day International Exhibition.
100+ Exhibitors from all over India & Abroad
Special Focus - Industrial Battery

Exhibitors Profile:
 → Consumer Batteries → Digital sine wave inverter
 → Automotive Batteries → Welding inverter
 → Industrial Batteries → Sine wave inverters
 → UPS Batteries → High capacity inverter
 → Battery Manufacturer Machine/s Battery Chemicals → Power inverter
 → Lead Oxide → Petrol pump inverter
 → Alloys → High frequency online ups
 → Separators → Mini inverter
 → Battery Containers → High frequency inverter
 → Connectors, Chargers → Inverter drives
 → Online UPS → Industrial power inverter
 → Inverter → Inverter tig welder
 → Vector inverters → Beam trolley
 → Compact inverter  
Visitors Profile:
 Manufactures of:    
 → Batteries-Industrial, Tubular, VRLA, SMF   → AIR Force & Navy
 → Lead Oxide   → Railways
 → Batteries Components-separators,  Containers,  Connectors, Meters, Batteries  & Components, UPS,  Backup  Systems   → Office Bearers & Members of
 → Chargers   Industry Segments
 → Battery Allied Products, Materials &  Research &  Developments   → Automobiles Car
    → Two Wheeler Manufacturers
 Government officials   → Battery Operated Cars/Two Wheelers
 → Ministries of new & Renewable Energy   → Public Transports Under Takings
 → MSME Power   → Railway
 → Commerce & Industries   → Aviation
 → Environment   → Shipping
 → Urban Development   → Telecom
 → Defence ARMY    
Also include end users like Town Developers, Designers, Venders, Traders, Distributors, Trade/business media, Electronic Channels, International/Bilateral Bodies Manufacturing machines, Energy conversion Banks/Private Equity Financial Institutions lending to SME’s, Techno Consultants, Indian ARMY, HUDCO & CPWD, BRO, Metro RailArchitects, EPC Consultants / Contractors, Structural Engineers, Civil Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Roofing / Civil Contractors, Real Estate Promoters / Builders , Factory / Warehouse Builders, Town Planners / Consultants, key personnel from Logistics Companies, Airport Authorities, Metro Rail, Defence & Space Organizations etc.
Six Reasons Why You Must Attend
ALTEN is held from Jaunary 28th. 29th, 30th at the the Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai, India. The show is organized by VNS Expo Design India Pvt. Ltd.
Experience the largest, most complete and international power back up systems show in India
Network with the entire India’s leading brands in the industry
Learn from best practices in operation around the world
Benefit from special attention for SME
See specific solutions for industrial Applications.
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