Welcome to Agrena 2018

We are pleased to inform that the 20th edition of AGRENA Middle East is scheduled for 25th - 27th Oct. 2018 at Egyption Exhibition Centre, New Cairo. Targeting the flourishing Poultry, Livestock & Fish industry in Middle East North Africa (MENA) region, it emphasis on giving the possible opportunities to broaden your horizons & to showcase the latest technology, products and services.

Investment opportunities in Egypt in light of democratic transition after the revolution Egyptian government started a number of programs to support and promote investment in Egypt in light of democratization and building bridges of trust and open new doors for investment and facilitate the movement of goods on the grounds that Egypt will be the first gate to the African and Arab markets, which enhances its position as coming economic power in the Middle East and nearby Europe. Egypt started to give a positive signal to investors in all countries of the world, especially in the field of agriculture through the implementation of the development corridor which will allow investment in projects of poultry, livestock and fish.”

Exhibitors Profile
  • Poultry Breeders (Layers - Broilers - Ostrich - Quail - Rabbits - Turkeys - Ducks).
  • New technology in breeding science.
  • Aquaculture farming.
  • Feed machinery manufactures.
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing & production.
  • Animal health products & vaccines production.
  • Premixes, Antitoxins, Disinfectants, Vitamins.
  • Feed Additives & Concentrates production.
  • Artificial drying of green feed materials.
  • Ventilation, Cooling, Heating, Feeding, Drinking Systems.
  • Batteries & drop drinkers.
  • Grains storage & silos.
  • Complete automatic slaughtering machines & further processing.
  • Electronic Scales Industry.
  • Environmental Pollution Control techniques.
  • Livestock breeding equipment.
  • Construction & preparation of livestock farms.
  • Camels & Horses farm construction.
  • Livestock meat production.
  • Services related to Poultry, Livestock and Fish sector
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